Saturday, March 31, 2007

Roses for Sale Cheap/Splurge

My Way for Less:
Go Jane

Shoes, black polka-dot $ ; top, white balloon sleeve $ ; skirt, rose a-line $31.99; cropped hoodie, grey $19.99. This is just as fun as the other, but I couldn't find a jacket I liked as well as the Anthropologie one below. I would buy this outfit, but I would also buy the tulip skirt and wear it with a simple, cap-sleeve button up, black shirt, and I would get the black polka-dot shoes from Delias and I would find a hoodie somewhere.

Tulips For Sale Cheap/Splurge

Their Way:

All Anthropologie Top, flutter sleeve $128; Jacket, hoodie, $58; shoes, black polka-dot, $218; skirt, tulip a-line, $88.

My Love of Hearts Obession Cont.

Lulu's Fashion Lounge $21 A warm caramel color with adorable heart cutouts.

Delias $39.50 I love this; you can dress it up with a pencil skirt and heels or wear with jeans. So cute!!!
Delias $16.50

Anthropologie $68 Light pink tee with an abstract take on hearts. Adorable!

My love of Hearts

I have to say it proudly, "I love hearts!" I do, I guess I got this obession from my Mom who loves anything with hearts on it. I love clothing that has hearts on them. I love the Elsa Perreti Tiffany Heart designs, as well as their classic Tiffany heart jewelry. I love clothing with hearts on it, accessories with hearts on it, whatever. Look at my next post for items that I would currently like to purchase that only increase my love for this fantastic shape.

White, Black, & Pink

These two tops are from Delias and Anthropologie again. The cut of the Anthropologie top is better, but it is also $68, as compared to the Delias top, which is $22.50 and $17 if you buy this same top in another pattern. I love to replicate looks for less.

Ebony and Ivory

Black and White is always chic, but you don't have to go in the red to get an afforable version of this classic trend. Here is one from Anthropologie for $88 and a similar look from Delias for $24.50 . So, whatever your budget this trend is something you can sport without breaking the bank. Even though the Anthropologie top is sheer, I think the Delias top is just as cute and probably more practical, especially when it comes to the washing instructions.