Monday, August 18, 2008

Part 1 Fall Inspiration

Okay, first things first. I am loving my state's weather right now. Normally it is 100 degrees-plus, yuck! But, thankfully it has been unseasonably cool. I am so excited. And back to the reason for my post...fall fashion.

I have to say the fall is my favorite season, both weather-wise and fashion-wise. I can't get enough of buttons, sweaters, wool, moccasins, leather (yes, I know some of you are vegan, and I like faux leather too, but mainly I love the way it smells like horses and saddles), jewel tones, pumpkin flavored stuff, pumpkins and Thanksgiving.

Sorry about the rant... but I can't help it. I love fall. So back to fashion. I want to add to fall wardrobe, but I want to get things that compliment what I have and at the same time spice it up a little. I am a shoe-alcoholic and I love moccasins. These from Target are fantastic and are also a driving loafer too, and the gold hardware dresses them up a little. A little more urban than boho moc.
And I love the cheetah print. Animal prints are fantastic with a variety of different prints and colors. Oh, they come in five different colors. The purple ones remind me of delicious berries.
Another trend, I'm loving is bows. Although, I don't want them in my hair as much I absolutely love them on shirts. This gray floral from Old Navy would be great with my Richard Chai jacket from his GoInternational line for Target and navy dress pants or crimson-colored cords. And the warm color would be great with my whiskey-colored leather blazer and trouser jeans.

And I love slubby, drapey cardigans. This one is from Forever21, but I have four from Banana Republic and I love them. You can wear them now in the summer layered over a tank and in the winter layered over a dress or long-sleeve tee and jeans. They look great with a belt over them and they look just as good loose.

Another trend I'm craving is the continuation of ethnic prints into the fall. These purses from Forever21 have fun prints and great wooden handles.

Oh, there is so much more so I guess this part 1 of Fall Inspiration.

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